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Artifacts Sync

KubeDL supports syncing files from remote on container launch. User can modify the code, reference the code repository and run the jobs without re-building the image every time to include the modified code.

Currently, only support downloading from github. The implementation is pluggable and can easily support other distributed filesystem like HDFS.

Git Hub

Users can set the git config in the job's annotation with key as below. The git repo will be downloaded and saved in the container's working dir by default. Please use the git repo's clone url ending with the .git, rather than the git repo's web url.

    apiVersion: ""
kind: "TFJob"
name: "mnist"
namespace: kubedl
+ '{"source": "" }'
cleanPodPolicy: None

A full list of supported options are:

"source": "", // code source (required).
"image": "xxx", // the image to execute the git-sync logic (optional).
"rootPath": "xxx", // the path to save downloaded files (optional).
"destPath": "xxx", // the name of (a symlink to) a directory in which to check-out files (optional).
"envs": [], // user-customized environment variables (optional).
"branch": "xxx", // git repo branch (optional).
"revison": "xxx", // git repo commit revision (optional).
"depth": "xxx", // git sync depth (optional).
"maxFailures" : 3, // max consecutive failures allowed (optional).
"ssh": false, // use ssh mode or not (optional).
"sshFile": "xxx", // ssh file path (optional).
"user": "xxx", // git config username (optional).
"password": "xxx" // git config password (optional).