Install Using Yaml

Install Morphling with YAML files.

Install CRDs

From git root directory, run

kubectl apply -f config/crd/bases

Install Morphling Components

The official Morphling component images are hosted under docker hub.

kubectl create namespace morphling-system
kubectl apply -k manifests/configmap
kubectl apply -k manifests/controllers
kubectl apply -k manifests/pv
kubectl apply -k manifests/mysql-db
kubectl apply -k manifests/db-manager
kubectl apply -k manifests/algorithm

To deploy Morphling UI, run

kubectl apply -k manifests/ui

Check the Morphling UI docs →

By default, Morphling components will be installed under morphling-system namespace.

Check Installing

Check if all components are running successfully:

kubectl get deployment -n morphling-system

Expected output:

NAME                         READY   UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   AGE
morphling-algorithm-server   1/1     1            1           34s
morphling-controller         1/1     1            1           9m23s
morphling-db-manager         1/1     1            1           9m11s
morphling-mysql              1/1     1            1           9m15s
morphling-ui                 1/1     1            1           4m53s

Please wait until all these deployments are ready.

Uninstall Morphling controller

bash script/

Delete CRDs

kubectl delete crd