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Contributing to KubeDL

Welcome to KubeDL! We encourage you to help out by reporting issues, improving documentation, fixing bugs, or adding new features. Please also take a look at our code of conduct, which details how contributors are expected to conduct themselves as part of the KubeDL community.

Developing Environment

As a contributor, if you want to make any contribution to KubeDL project, we should reach an agreement on the version of tools used in the development environment. Here are some dependents with specific version:

  • Golang : v1.13+
  • Kubernetes: v1.12+

Developing guide

Enable DCO

KubeDL has enabled DCO ( Developer Certificate of Origin). Thus, you will need to sign-off your commits in your pull requests. Just add the -s option in your git commit and that will sign-off your commit automatically:

git commit -s -m 'This is my commit message'

Code Structure

KubeDL uses KubeBuilder for scaffolding code.

KubeDL code base consists of several components:


How to Build

There's a Makefile in the root folder which describes the options to build and install. Here are some common ones:

Build the binary

make manager

If you run into any issues, try downloading the latest version of controller-gen command tools

go get

Run controller locally

make manager # This command generates a binary called manager
./manager --enable-leader-election=false

Run the tests

make test

Generate manifests: CRD, RBAC YAML files etc

make manifests

Build the docker image

Replace the image name to your own image

export IMG=kubedl/kubedl:v0.3.0 && make docker-build

Push the image

Change the image name to your own image.

docker push kubedl/kubedl:v0.3.0

Generate the helm chart

Generate the helm chart, the helm chart will be generated under helm/kubedl

make helm-chart

Add a new CRD

Use KubeBuilder to generate a CRD YAML file, for example, below command will generate a new kind dog under api group pet

kubebuilder create api --group pet --version v1alpha1 --kind dog

Generate the zz_generated.deepcopy.go file

make generate

Generate the zz_generated.defaults.go file

go get
cd apis/
defaulter-gen -O zz_generated.defaults -i ./pet/... -h ../hack/boilerplate.go.txt


Get KubeDL Controller Pod Logs

kubectl logs kubedl-controller-manager-0 -n kubedl-system

Get KubeDL Controller Pod status

kubectl describe pod kubedl-controller-manager-0 -n kubedl-system

Git Preparation (Skip if you are familiar with Git)

To put forward a PR, we assume you have registered a GitHub ID. Then you could finish the preparation in the following steps:

  1. Fork the repository you wish to work on. You just need to click the button Fork in right-left of project repository main page. Then you will end up with your repository in your GitHub username.
  2. Clone your own repository to develop locally. Use git clone<your-username>/kubedl.git to clone repository to your local machine. Then you can create new branches to finish the change you wish to make.
  3. Set remote upstream to be using the following two commands:
git remote add upstream
git remote set-url --push upstream no-pushing

Adding this, we can easily synchronize local branches with upstream branches.

  1. Create a branch to add a new feature or fix issues

Update local working directory:

cd <project>
git fetch upstream
git checkout master
git rebase upstream/master

Create a new branch:

git checkout -b <new-branch>

Make any change on the new-branch then build and test your codes.

Engage to help anything

Reporting issues

We regard every user of KubeDL as a very kind contributor. After experiencing KubeDL, you may have some feedback for the project. Then feel free to open an issue.

There are lot of cases when you could open an issue:

  • bug report
  • feature request
  • performance issues
  • feature proposal
  • feature design
  • help wanted
  • doc incomplete
  • test improvement
  • any questions on project
  • and so on

Also we must remind that when filing a new issue, please remember to remove the sensitive data from your post. Sensitive data could be password, secret key, network locations, private business data and so on.

Code and doc contribution

The KubeDL website repo is hosted at

Every action to make KubeDL better is encouraged.

  • If you find a typo, try to fix it!
  • If you find a bug, try to fix it!
  • If you find some redundant codes, try to remove them!
  • If you find some test cases missing, try to add them!
  • If you could enhance a feature, please DO NOT hesitate!
  • If you find code implicit, try to add comments to make it clear!
  • If you find code ugly, try to refactor that!
  • If you can help to improve documents, it could not be better!
  • If you find document incorrect, just do it and fix that!
  • ...

Although contributions via PR is an explicit way to help, we still call for any other ways.

  • reply to other's issues if you could;
  • help solve other user's problems;
  • help review other's PR design;
  • help review other's codes in PR;
  • discuss about KubeDL to make things clearer;
  • advocate KubeDL technology beyond GitHub;
  • write blogs on KubeDL and so on.


Join KubeDL as a maintainer

You are welcome to join KubeDL maintainer team if you are willing to participate. Please contact one of us in the community.

Some Requirements

  • Have submitted multiple PRs to the community
  • Be active in the community, may including but not limited
    • Submitting or commenting on issues
    • Contributing PRs to the community
    • Reviewing PRs in the community